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Online Live 1:1 Private 2-day Lash Educator Course

$2,300.00 AUD $2,350.00 AUD

Expand your business and knowledge, plus earn extra income by becoming a lash technician trainer. On this private, fully accredited two-day course, you’ll get one-to-one online access to the owner of RM Lash and Beauty Academy, Rimvita, who will teach you everything you need to know about training the next generation of eyelash technicians. 

From teaching strategies to working with different personalities, the skills you’ll learn in this course will provide the foundations for you to level up your career. On top of Rimvita’s expert guidance, you’ll receive access to professionally designed digital course materials, which you can use to teach your own clients, once you’re qualified. After completing the course, you’ll be officially a part of the RM Lash and Beauty training family, with access to specialist support from Rimvita and the team, whenever you need it.

Training Package:
Material Language:
  • You'll receive Accredited Lash Course Material designed by RM Lash & Beauty Academy. So, you don't need to worry about creating material by yourself. Also, we can modify lash materials to represent your own personal brand.
  • You'll be a globally recognised and accredited training provider.
  • You'll be trained by RM Lash and Beauty high standards.
  • Full support from our experienced trainer Rimvita Marcinkeviciute after training.
  • Perfect for both new lash educators and those who have previous experience. Get private 1:1 access to an experienced trainer who will provide full support and guidance throughout the course's duration.  
  • Learn all the tools you'll need to be an effective teacher. You'll gain an understanding of how different students learn best and how to arm yourself with the best resources to deliver the most engaging training. 
  • Showcase yourself as a professional educator, who takes their role in the lash extension world seriously.

Standard Training Package

  •  Online live 2-day 1:1 Course
  •  2 Classic and Russian Volume Presentations
  •  1-year Accreditation
  •  Certificate of Completion
  •  Ongoing Support

Premium Training Package

  •  Online live 2-day 1:1 Course
  •  Full Digital Training Material Package
  •  1-year Accreditation
  •  Certificate of Completion
  •  Ongoing Support

Premium Plus Training Package

  • Everything whats included in Premium Package
  • Brand Identity and Logo
  • Website

1. Will I be able to certify my students after this training?
Yes, once students have completed their training, you'll be able to award them with a certificate of achievement.

2. What certificates I will receive after this training?
RM Lash & Beauty Certificate of Competence and Certificate of Accreditation will be issued upon completion. You will be an accredited RM Lash & Beauty trainer, and after that, you'll be able to advertise and offer your accredited courses to potential students.

3. What support I will get after this training?
After the course has finished, you will get access to our newsletter containing educational content, which you can share with your students. If you require additional support, you are also entitled to free video calls with the training team.

4. How long does training take?
Our Lash Educator Training Course runs for two days, covering 5-6 hours per day.

5. Does the training take place online or in person?
This is an online course, compromising on 1:1 video calls and presentations.

6. Am I able to complete the training at any time?
Yes, we offer this course globally, so we are therefore able to work flexibly around time-zones.

7. Can I access this course from anywhere in the world?
Yes, we have global accreditation and work with students globally.

8. What is the online course price?

Standard Training Package - AU$ 2350

Premium Training Package - AU$ 2850 

Premium Plus Training Package - From AU$ 6000 (price depends on individual requirements).

9. What training materials will I get?
At the end of the course, you will be supplied with digital manuals, presentations and digital tests for your future students (covering both classic and Russian volume courses). We can customise them to fit your brand, if you would like us to.

10. What level of experience should I have before I sign up for this training?
You should have at least two years' experience working with lash extensions.

11. What is accreditation?
Students want peace of mind that their money is being spent on a credible course. RM Lash & Beauty Accreditation & Educator Training protects students by offering trainers the chance to be recognised for providing a standardised service, measured by a lash educator programme, which is updated every year. By getting accreditation, you as a trainer can let potential students know that you work to a high standard and that your qualifications are verified.

12. How long will my accreditation last?
Your accreditation will last for one year. Thereafter, you will continue to remain accredited by providing proof that you will continue to develop your skills as a lash artist and trainer.

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